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The most important thing I have ever written, The Three Great Sacrifices

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Jul. 20th, 2007 | 05:04 pm

The most important thing I have ever written, The Three Great Sacrifices

the whole thing is in the church's blog, i am officially scared of the reaction, I am seriously terrified to hit post.......here goes nothing *hits post*

How far should I take this? What am I telling you? Why am I telling you? FuKK. (this is real, i am going to get murdered for this) So I am sitting with Jews discussing the future of Israel, the possibility of a dual citizenship with America and Israel. I would have to go to a school and learn Hebrew, then I would join the military and serve.
It would be a great opportunity to learn about the middle-east and I would be allowed to serve, because gay people aren't trash in Israel. I want Jewish people to know I would die to protect them and there is no better way to demonstrate that then joining their armed forces. You know, standing on that line, and saying, "I will not let you kill these people." Not so much for the land or nation of Israel, but for the people.
I want Jewish people to know I love them because what I ask of them, to some, is a horrid and great offense. My request is simply, "Please give up Jerusalem."
I have such a terrible dread for that city. When my eyes shut I can see the sacking of Jerusalem, the terror and horror, in today's age, not some distant past you have seen on television, but real, right now horror, the horror of a razed and conquered country.
For some reason I have been ingrained with an affection for Israel and the Jewish gay boys who live there. I do not want to see them murdered by an enraged Islamic invasion. Does anyone realize they are trapped there? Utterly surrounded by people, we have been pissing off for a good while now.
The six day war was an amazing thing, but sadly, no one but the Jews remember the day one of the bordering countries annihilated over a thousand Israeli soldiers in one afternoon. Holy Shit folks that is the equivalent of 10,000 of our soldiers, possibly more.
Everyday, every moment, this thing is building, never diffusing, not once since Israel's birth has peace found this planet! Yet we hold the holy city at all costs, implementing mind numbing measures to ensure the possession of the city. I say "we" because The Western Nations are all heavily invested in this enterprise.
I am sure there is some deep dark profitable reason for our presence and assistance, I won't dilute myself and say America is involved for any noble reason like actually helping Jews. It is like we are using them as guinea pigs to see if we can occupy and hold the middle-east. Intentionally causing a destabilizing presence in the continent, sapping the surrounding nations of their senses, weakening them all.
The people responsible for this are lost and I need not persuade them to release Jerusalem, only the act called The Three Great Sacrifices will soften their hearts enough to bring them from greed.
The people I write this plea to are the Jews and others who support the country based on it's theological basis, everyone, even Muslims. To all of you who claim to serve God, by either possessing the city of Jerusalem, or taking it, you have gravely defied him.
Neither of your Gods wish for you to worship graven images, or idols. I ask you then, what is Jerusalem made of? The very same substances your Gods have destroyed many times to prove his reality and the idol's fallacy. Yet, you murder for this Idol, you kill and maim, fight and die, sacrificing everything, for the world's largest Idol. If your God is real and he plans to return, I shake in dread for your crimes and the punishment he will see fit to lay on Christian, Muslim and Jew simply to possess an IDOL!
So here it is, my solution, The AntiChrist's solution to this major fucking problem. You are all waiting for the return of the Messiah, well look upon his eyes, and you will know he speaks his decree at this very moment, in an attempt to save your fucking lives!
The first great sacrifice: America will give up her beloved sanctity. The nation will give, give, abandon and vacate, one state, of equal land mass to Israel. You will do this, STOP THE QUESTIONS, and listen. You will give it up and hand it to The Jewish people, allowing for Israel and the Temple of God to be built in this state, and America will pay for the migration of the Jewish Nation.

The second great sacrifice: Israel, The Jewish people, will give up the nation of Israel in the middle-east and dissolve it, hand back Jerusalem. You will do this because you know God demands it. In your hearts you do. It is time to see this line of coincidences as the voice of God and his detest for Jerusalem. I did not say vacate! Just dissolve the nation and let whatever middle-eastern government take control of the land, renamed, what ever? It is just a city guys.

The third great sacrifice: Muslims, You will give up your rage, you will forgive the crimes of the Western World and lay down your arms. You will walk into Israel kissing and embracing every Jew and welcoming them to stay forever and care for them with the grace it took to give back the fertile crescent. Once complete you will allow the Jews to stay and be governed by their laws, you will govern your nation and people the way you see fit after those allowances are given.

These three great sacrifices in no way call for the Jews to leave Israel, or even give up their idea of a sovereign home. They can have both... but once all of this is complete, I imagine a vacant state, sacrificed in the name of peace, simply because once this is done, I can't imagine too many people who wouldn't want to reside in the now holiest city in the world, Jerusalem.

with love and a real hope for peace.... Tejun

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