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To Dream of Freedom from Religions

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Aug. 13th, 2007 | 12:49 pm

Do you know how long it has been since I have written to you guys whilst listening to Manson? When he is blaring in my headphones, inside my head, rubbing the inside of my skull, moving the "everything" that is me, making my eyes flare, wishing for Shade and stiff drink, but instead words fly on a page to a beat.
My God it is beautiful.

Today we will discuss the frightening nature of those who control us. Murderers and fascists, at their very core. A series of psycho religious cults, trying to control the will and direction of humanity. These cults pay their dues to our true masters, but our masters are not responsible for all our control, because, even our masters know, the people control the will of the masters.

Unless they have a suicidal urge to feel the coldness of steel, and in our time, the searing heat of a high-velocity projectile, they will tend to their flock's will.

With that said, lets examine the force that controls the herd from within, the thing we impose upon ourselves. Religion, yes, religion! We are all witness to the unholy force in which a person can be ostracized in a small town, in this country! I am not even speaking of the horrifying things done in other small villages in the world, I am talking about right here, right now...

A holy universal fuck fest of morals is being imposed on everyone, to some degree. These things are done totally independent of any ANY governing body. Bush has never made a father beat his son for watching a horror flick. Cheney has never made any mother tell her child God is real and will fucking kill you! These are self imposed. Taught to us by religion.

It is a universal form of herd maintenance. The base parts,yelling, shaking, beating, slapping, confining and in extreme cases killing, are as old as the jungle and can never be altered. But, why they are imposed is the thing that we, the herd, do to ourselves. Why, how? How did we go from screeching at a monkey for playing with a baby lion, to telling a child, God will burn him for eternity if he doesn't accept and perpetuate the system that makes God capable of doing that.

I need to pause for a moment, letting you know I am speaking about all forms of religion that currently dumb down and rule our world, to name a few, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. All religions are countless variations of the previously mentioned entities that exist within our herd. They all formed by adapting themselves to local customs and beliefs, to more effectively control us.

The religions have successfully circumnavigated the globe, splitting and fracturing into millions of variations. In this piece I am going to reference and speak about the perpetuater's of Christianity, but please by all means, insert, whatever religion you want into the formula. Besides, I have observed as time passes they are becoming closer and more integrated, i think, one day, if unchecked, or if my attack is taken seriously, they will all combine, realizing they are the servants of the same thing, an imaginary system that only exists because of them.

Them, such a hard word, can be taken so many ways, I will try to be as specific as possible. They, them, come on many levels, but I will identify three; the religion starter, the religion perpetuator(yes i made that word up), and the religion servant.

We will begin with the religion starter, this is one who suddenly realizes, "Hey, I can orate to these people and I am a fair hand with a pen, so I think I will teach them something."
Usually these are men with no credit, so they quickly claim allegiance to some divine force or knowledge, OF THEIR OWN DESIGN. This is the essence of the religion starter, he creates he religion you will serve. Haha, what a grand fucking achievement. Well for some, but only time is the test for these men, most don't survive to see their religion become anything. But who knows in a thousand years David Koresh could be a prophet and Timothy a bomb laden angel of heaven.

Religion starters have been here for thousands of years, some crazy fucker dreamt up the Aztec religion and the Egyptian religion. The Oracles of Greece, The Prophets of the Jews, all of them, the same thing. Some were geniuses and strengthened their claim to divine knowledge by aligning the story with natural events, but really, after the first religion, whatever it may have been, the rest
is a xerox copy, with slight alterations in the ink. Serious. It is a formula. Now this leads me to the ones who I like to call, the religion perpetuator. Sounds, scary, like, The Perpetuator or something, in reality, when body counts are compared, the robot army's of The Terminator is nothing compared to religion's endless body counts.

The religion perpetuator is usually a man of some substance in a tribe or a community, or a man aspiring to have some substance. This man or woman comes from MANY motivations, but usually they all end with pride and greed. Their divine life begins with a divine experience, which consists of going to a church and realizing the sheer amount of social support he could receive if, he or she, started their own, church.

It also begins in childhood, innocently usually, like wanting to work for the tooth fairy, a kid chooses to work for God. Ministries born of this innocence are very rare, easy to see and harmless, except, they give a credence to the rest of the shit out their. The SHIT, latches to the books of the religion starter and prunes the pages constructing sermons upon sermons, that usually all end with, "give me money and fear God." The fear of God guarantees his or her position, the money also guarantees his or her position.

This piece is long enough and I will not go into the countless examples of why it is wrong to stand behind a podium and say these base things, God will hurt you, God says you should listen to me, God says you should pay me, God says you should not associate with anyone who violates the previous, God says you should raise your children to believe all these things I have taught you today.

Whatever religion it may be, this is what they are teaching you at the top, everything under it is like Bush kissing orphans, its a perversion of kindness, to make the beast beautiful. Oh I almost forgot the big one, God say this man is a man of God, vote for him, use his products or just give him money.

Now we are down to what I like to call, the religion servant. This is the one who carries the book and the label like it is a status symbol, because it is. The social support one can get from joining the local church is endless. You are talking loan approvals, sweet deals on services and of course kindly nods while in town and support for your endeavors. Also you don't have to think about your fate or anything related to thought, it is all nicely packaged for you.

What does security in life like this cost and how does this servant perpetuate this? Start by paying the religion perpetuator, honoring the religion starter, raising your children to honor the previous, treating others with disapproval who don't subscribe to your chosen system of "life control". This includes verbal, economic, physical and deadly force.

Now with my gross generalizations of "them" are out of the way, I would like to address the damaging affects this system has on society... really quick.

I see people of the Christian religion all over society, trying to help, with one condition, you have to come to Christ. I will help you, you only have to come to Christ. Take Christ in as your Lord and Saviour and I will give you this text book and meal.

The altruistic manner in which religion conducts itself is merely for image. MY evidence for this is the lack of compassion out there. If the entirety of American Christians truly wished to end poverty and hunger, it would happen. But as we all can see, nothing of the sort is taking place. Unless Christians think COPS and PRISONS are solutions to poverty.

There are many crimes occurring at this very moment throughout the globe and most of them can be laid squarely in religion's lap. In honor of Marilyn Manson, let us start with the Columbine boys. Bang, bang, bang.... screaming chaos, rage, blind rage, displayed in a massacre, why?

The very system I just taught you about, drove them totally fucking insane! How many religion perpetuators did these boys sit in front of while hearing what pieces of shit they were? How many religion servants yelled at them or took their skateboards? How many cops harassed them because of a call from a concerned religious servant? What was their crime? What is the crime of any who the servants and perpetuators oppress?

Not believing in God, wearing black, wearing their hair different, exploring other forms of thought, riding a skateboard, gay? Christian society is plagued with a sub-culture of youth too intelligent for the chosen system of control, the internet is the cause of this, and human evolution, it is fascinating to watch.

Sadly this will only activate the religions natural defense systems, fascism. They will use their mindless numbers to kill all those who oppose them. Just the other day, some old fogies sitting over snacks, staunch Christians, Bible college employees, The Perpetuators, while dribbling cracker crumbs over enormous paunch bellies, I hear them calling for the death of those imprisoned in America. Calling them trash. I mentioned the prisoners were trash bred and raised in communities that Christians claim to care for.

Of course the comment was lost on a blissful comfortable existence, free of question or serious thought. A life, mapped out in some book and verbally dictated from a stage, so a person never has to do anything but
enforce that which they are told........

with love and hope for an awakening...

p.s. To my little school shooter caliber friends.... please be at peace, you are not wretched or damned. You are correct, they are brainwashed, look at them and know they will never be more than servants of a book, it is you who is destined to become a HUMAN BEING.
You are all powerful and blessed, you are the future of this world, don't let their lies destroy you or your life, there is a much better way, patience please....

your beloved AntiChrist... Tejun

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