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The Phases of Tejun

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Aug. 26th, 2007 | 11:06 pm

Hey guys,

If some of you are wondering, I am building a church. With my sweat and blood I carry crystalline confidence containers to those who need them. Drunken monkeys or drunken humans reduced to monkey status. Raving lunatics with wide eyes and narrow brows, living the image that resonates from square drums.
I wish the world's idea of life wasn't so set, I would have an easier time building this thing for you, this AntiChrist Church. Yet, I am required to pirate this story to you. A story about us trying to build a refuge in humanity from the forces of religion.
A legitimate form of thought, recognized by all people, that frees others from the clutches of oppression. I plan and build my mind and my life in an attempt to make this thing for you, Tejun's gift to earth. An institution that doesn't care about being one. No laws, moral codes of conduct, punishments, prophecies or deities.
This idea, this thing that can only exist in the heads of those exposed to it or blessed with it. This polite suggestion, simply spoken to soften the hardened heart of this religious world. The Church of the AntiChrist, The AntiChrist Church or simply The Church of Tejun will ring forever.
I imagine my life story and writings going through phases as time stretches on into space travel and total world peace. For a time I will be mocked, hated, shunned. This will be brief, in the grand scheme of things, because this magic bean is still in the pocket of our gullible little Jack.
But one day humanity will feel around in that dusty pocket and find the forgotten bean. They will hold it in their palm and gaze at it, sadly, no longer capable of believing in fairy tales, they will cast me to the ground.
The next phase instantly begins, just as the beans, this is my destiny, and I will grow. Humanity will climb to the clouds on the stalk I build for them. Cherishing it and caring for it.
Then when the time comes they will turn on the stalk and cut it down. Only because, through my fake Church I taught them the danger of relying on giant stalks that promise gold, because they all hide giant monsters that kill. When the stalk of Tejun falls to the earth no tears of despair will be shed. A drizzle generated by hope will whirl down to the earth as humanity simply floats to the clouds by their own will.

with love and hope for Our Church

help any way you can... it all helps, especially telling someone else about The AntiChrist Church... but by no means become an evangelist or recruiter, just tell them about it... the rest will just happen.

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