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For the LiL Fag Bois

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Jan. 18th, 2008 | 10:28 am

The Brotherhood

I need to address the homosexual members of this Church, this AntiChrist Church.

My sons and daughters we are part of something that must be identified before it is once again, attacked and beaten back. You are all part of something that defys borders, races and religions. You are part of a brotherhood that for some reason has remained intact through the lifetimes of any cult or religion, any empire or social movement, Hitler, Stalin, Christianity, Islam... nothing, nothing has been capable of ending homosexuals, absolutly nothing.

Roll that over in your minds my children, we area force of nature. Like the ocean, or the wind, or the rock, we will be...

The faggot race has been murdered and beaten back but never conquered, NEVER! Realize FAGGOT you are ALSO part of something that has killed and conquored. You must realize you are not a victim. You should hold your head high and look upon those, with a mild amusement,
who hate you because their chosen "God" for the millenium has made some decree. Be proud, for you are part of the oldest tribe and the one that is reborn every single day.

This eternal unending brotherhood I refer to, was touched upon by Jack Malebranche. In his novel, Androphilia. He succesfully identifies the Androphile. Where him and I differ in opinion on this matter is, he sees the
Androphile as something differant than homosexuals, I see them as a piece of the homosexual empire.

My goal in this document is to bring us all together. I am talking about everyone, the manly and robust Androphile, the graceful and elegent fem boy, the dark and wretched gothic boy, the fearful straight acting small town gay boy, the terrified muslim boy who lives under the threat of DEATH! All of us! Every last one of us that exist in every geographic location imaginable, I call to you to realize what you are!

We are the ultimate network! In an attempt to know as many gay men as possible we have utilized the internet, MORE THAN MOST HUMANS ON THE PLANET. Imagine it! Tens of millions of men all connected. An instant message away.

IN each city we have secret meeting places, and we know almost by site each and every one of the clan. We travel from metro areas to rural areas and with the most secret handshake we instantly fall into the cradle of the city's local clan.

We sit in Isreal adorned with the Star of David holding a machine gun, looking over a fence wondering if there is an oppressed gay boy carrying a missle tube. In Iraq, we wear Old glory and a machine gun, wondering how many beautiful Iraq gays were killed in the last explosion. We exist outside of our tribes, religions and countries conflicts, taking part because we must, but secretly wishing the bastards would chill out.

A split in our ranks is counterproductive and ridiculous. For any homosexual to see himself as seperate from the rest is denile at best. We
are all part of the same unending entity, a genetic anomoly that will not cease and appears to be multiplying, but this is not totally clear. Social change,
and the raising of our heads may actually be allowing for more homosexuals to admit what they are.

WE must be unified and we must know that each one of us will die for the rest, each one of us will protect the rest. No more seperation my brothers, be united, realize what we are, the oldest and most beautiful common thread in humanity.

with love your AntiChrist Church founder,

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