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New Chapter for the Dissillusionment

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Jan. 24th, 2008 | 11:41 am

Chapter One...

Scene begins with a boy holding a gun, the military kind, AR-15, a glorious black creation, light but just heavy enough to make you feel powerful. The boy was about sixteen, his name was Damien. He was hidden in far corner of some building. The whole block he is watching over is destroyed, shot up and abandoned. He was a look out, stuck there by The Apostle David himself. Damien turned his head to the side and curiously observed the intersection out in front of the old hotel he hid in. He smiled because he was about to alert The Apostle David of an attack by about sixty finely armed men.

Damien assumed they had acquired weapons and decided to go on the road instead of holding up in there homes waiting to be attacked for supplies. A good little tight nit band that would have made the likes of Jesse James proud, but today they would meet there doom, not by a lack of skill, not because they were dumb or evil, no it was just the way things go. He shook his head and his spiky black bangs wiggled slightly, dirty but well styled they peeked out from a pair of safety goggles from a SWAT members gear. Holding up a box, crudely built but, deadly in intention, he simply pushed a red button, and a little light came on. This light activated a beep in small rooms throughout the neighborhood, only loud enough for the man in the room, who was there to listen for the beep, to hear.

These gentlemen from he desert in Oregon were creeping up on a very well formed band, one of the oldest, one of the most resilient forms of human culture, well, ever. In this current millennium this was literally one of the thousandth times they had dealt with a regional or global freak out. A freak out of such vast proportions that billions die. Humans running around killing each other like a bunch of fucking Jugalows. Axes, hatches, hammers, shovels, swords, countless fucking prefab swords and knives from Pakistan or China. The guns well of course they ruled, and the war at this point in the game was isolated to those who held them, but until all those without guns were beaten back, the entire body counts in every horror movie ever made wouldn't compare to the carnage that ensued on that first day.

What triggered the Global freak out, what had this, gothic clad 16 year old kid with remnants of SWAT armor on his shoulders and thighs, poised and ready to blow up some hicks from the desert? A race war, coupled with a religious war, not Muslim against Christian, Or Jew against Muslim, no, it was the Religious against the Sinner. These lines that separated us for so long became gaping maws upon the death of Obama. The shot that made this hero fall wasn't just heard around the world, it instantly brought it to it's knees. As Obama slipped from existence his head hit the ground sending shock waves throughout, causing cracks in humanity that had too long been shoddily mended.

The complete and utter terror that resulted from the race riots I cannot even bare to write about fully. Death, horrible death of men, women and children, The American dream put under the knife in one horrifying hour after Obama's death. The Military and Police response to this wasn't very clear or concise simply because the cracks extended beyond the civilian population and went right through military barracks and donut shops. Giant flaming wars broke out on military bases. Prisons rioted, most were taken by the prisoners and the doors flung open. Social services nation wide were gone in a day. No water from any faucets and no heat. Think about it.

All this had settled down though, as I said, the war was down to those with guns, the madmen and criminals had all been irradicated Now it was between militaries run by social institutions. The big ones you know, Communists, Fascists, I guess you could call them Americans, but really they were fanatic Christians who claimed to fight for the old empire once known as America. Then you had the Muslim armies who were very far away for now. Then very last, and very small, we have the Homosexual. The homosexual was surprising and it's survival and rise to influence can be attributed to the warnings and prophecies, of The AntiChrist, their Faggot Prince, Tejun. In the last years before the global melt down, Tejun codified the homosexual, he brought them together and taught them of the repeating cycle of history and how they, homosexuals, usually get the butt end of the deal. The butt end being murdered.

This is why you get a well armed and disciplined gay boy with symbols painted in whiteout, adorning his armor, announcing his membership to the AntiChrist Church. As the alarms sounded throughout the buildings surrounding the town square, similar soldiers throughout leapt to action. Each bolting and running down a hallway at a dead sprint, without a word. As he whizzed by rooms occupied by others dressed similar to him those men and boys leapt into silent sprints. Each headed a different direction peeling off one by one, through a doorway or a stairwell. Some took position by a blast hole or a broken window. Peeking out observing the oblivious targets in their field of fire.

Once the race riots destroyed the military structure within our borders a drastic attempt to save the empire of American the entire military was recalled. They had plans and contingencies to police the American population, but nothing of this magnitude was imagined, ever. All of their plans included the use of the National Guard, well the National Guard dissipated into the riots like they were dropped into stomach acid. This action, the world wide global knowledge that America was not going to drop from the heavens and fuck you up if you pissed us off, sent those who look to rule in motion.

Russia, China, Venezuela, along with many others who saw that America could no longer protect them, all rallied together, surprisingly, under Communism. This sent the entire world into war. The Entire World. One side of China Marched and floated through the Indonesian Islands, on their way to Australia. Another force came for Alaska, joined with Russia's eastern contingent. The God's of Communism decided it best to dispatch North Korea to the cities within Russia and China to destroy all noncommunist elements. The death of human beings within the those countries wasn't any less than the invaded countries.

Noncommunist Elements were many things, under Putin's new guidelines. Topping the list were religious institutions, foreign governments, their families, their property, their lives and anything else. Mainly their policy was to kill as many fighting individuals as possible for whatever reason, so they could return later and kill the rest without much trouble.

The western half of Russia's military contingents, with the help of many Slavic countries, attacked the Middle-East, and the Middle-East had quite the response, by sacking Israel in a day and somehow detonating a Nuclear bomb in Moscow, killing Putin the next afternoon. The loss of Israel is the single most tragic event that will ever be remembered in this shittin mess. The world would have wept but it was to busy screaming and running for it's fucking life. The warrior boy Damien had changed position and now had the muzzle of his gun trained on a rather attractive young man of about twenty-three, he was already regretting blowing this guy away. A man came running in the room and slid up quietly beside Damien. He placed his hand on the boy's shoulder and whispered close to his ear, "What do you see?."

"They are not Americans they could be Russians."
The Apostle David shook his head, "No, No the Russians are still negotiating the Cascade Mountains, they won't be here for awhile." He looked carefully with some binoculars and sighed, "OK, they are locals I would assume, no real uniform or anything. Just a roving band." He smiled, "Maybe they will join us."
Damien smirked, "Hopefully this one I am about to shoot converts first."
David patted this desensitized human child, "Easy buddy." Then he looked intently out the hole and whispered, "Cock it." Damien reached up and cocked his rifle, he did it quickly and made no attempt to suppress the sound, it echoed over the silence of the creeping men, causing everyone one of them to train their guns towards the metallic click. Then, all at once, over one hundred clicks sounded together, giving the men a full visual of their predicament, they were utterly surrounded from a multitude of elevations.
David yelled loudly, "Hail there, we are friends first!"
They laughed, "You have a funny way of showing it!"
David, smiled, and said to Damien, "That isn't the usual response."
Damien nodded, "Yea usually there is more shooting."
The man down on the street stood up and walked into plain view, removing his shirt, he was a fit one, from marching hundreds of miles through dangers you cannot imagine, with food he could gather or take, nothing could be purchased anymore, on his skin that covered the muscles of a warrior, he had etched in ink, the symbol for the AntiChrist Church and he yelled in elation, for he knew he had found his home, "WE SEEK THE FAGGOT PRINCE!" Everyone cheered and Damien happily clicked the safety of his gun to the on position.

Um I know it was suppose to be a synopsis but this is what came out... LOL

copyrighted by the P of the AC and the AntiChrist Church on Jan 2008 all rights to Tejun

this is a fictional story, so don't fucking arrest me....

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from: ragemanchoo
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So do you still update this thing or what?...

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