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The Gospel of Gabriel

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May. 28th, 2007 | 01:00 pm
location: The Coast

The Gospel According to Gabriel

My name is Gabriel, the first Apostle to the AntiChrist. For some reason Tejun and I connected and we were best friends through our late teens and early twenties. At that time I never dreamed I would be writing down the gospel of The AntiChrist, but here I am dammit. I am not some follower, I don't see Tejun as anything but a guy, a human being. So should you, if anything survives in your skull from this moment on let it be this, Tejun is a human being. We can safely say he has taken this experience to the max and drug us along with him but he is still a man.
Let me restate, I am not a follower and I am not an Apostle. It is just a title given to add to an illusion. I accepted it because I understood the nature of this thing that has been created as an experiment and finally an example. You see he is only trying to make himself the AntiChrist to show you how religions are created. He wants you to see the processes in which your most sacred texts are formed and how they become worshiped. This is why I am writing about his life and mine, to help him show you.
He has never ordered me to do anything, despite what P of the AC(Passion of the AntiChrist) says. Everything I have done for him was put to me in the form of a request. Although he is in love with his own legend he is creating, it is like his master piece, Tejun is not a meglomaniac. He is someone who is trying to teach the world something, that is all. He has no desire to rule you or even to be remembered by you, but if you are to learn what he is teaching we decided you all would have to remember, Tejun.
Why am I trying to help teach you how your relgions were created? So you will stop serving them, so you will stop seeing yourself as some member of some righteous elite. Simply because you are not. The way I see it and hopefully the way you will soon see it, is that you are a slave, a slave to a book. I want to stop wars and oppression based soley on the ideas contained in a book. Humanity needs tools to combat this global mind enslavement called "religion" and my hope is The Gospel of the AntiChrist according to Gabriel will be one of those.

I met Tejun, The AntiChrist very recently, before this I knew Tejun the man. My account of his life will be called blasphemous by his followers, but to the ones who truly honor Tejun and what he attempted to show us, they will see the wisdom in the manner in which I have portrayed this complex man. His life came in phases. You see I knew him when he actually went to priests and ministers for answers, I knew him when he poured over the world's religious texts in search of wisdom and peace. Now as you all know, those texts became Tejun's bane, and the followers of those books are the ones who tried to kill him. Before his death, in what I call Tejun's golden age, I witnessed priests and ministers coming to Tejun for answers.

Tejun's auto-biography begins with his suicide attempt when he was a young man. I pratically lived right around the corner at the time most of this suicidal bullshit went down. Looking back on it I wish I could have done more as I watched my friend become a homosexual. One day he was entertaining all the girls at Hooter's and then on the ride home he drops the big one on me in a drunken confession. This changed our lives forever. He was always a thinker and a questioner, but out of denial, he never confronted this issue in his life. It was strange to see an upright human being become a victim so suddenly. Society and everyone he trusted said homosexuals were evil, other gay people and liberal people would explain to him it was all ok. Again he didn't trust gay people or liberals, and as much as he loved them, he couldn't believe them.
This lead him to the question, "Why? Why was it evil?" So then the AntiChrist began to grow right before my eyes. The crazy bastard began to attend differant services from various faiths. He would feign as a follower and infiltrate the internal workings of the churches with the ease of a well financed CIA agent. Not once did anyone suspect him as he prayed next to Muslims or walked the grounds of the Mormon Temple, once by simply lying really well he took communion at a Catholic Church. He ate and drank religion and faith in a sad search for validation. I witnessed his anguish grow with each day that passed, for every single one was another empty explanation for what he was. He slowly became convinced he was a wretch.
I probably didn't help things either, you see we were raised in the same red-neck of the woods, so it was hard to see him bringing over guys without shirts and pacifiers in their mouths, giving each other backrubs under the influence of E. Another contributing factor was that he had a wonderful skill of getting what ever dude he chose. The few times I gained the nerve to accompany him to a gay bar. I would watch him survey the crowd until he would find the one he wanted. Now I am not gay, but I can tell you that the ones he procurred for the evening were top notch pieces of ass. His whole life is like that though, he may have been on the street, had hard times, but seriously the guy gets what he wants, it just happens. Even if he doesn't want it to.
Since he was good at being gay he instantly fell in with the "gay identity", this meant he accepted his new label. Sadly this label, in this and many other countries comes with a lot of baggage. This prodded a beast inside of Tejun, that for better or worse, caused all of this you are reading about now. It is ironic how religion hates homosexaulity so much they dedicated space in their sacred books to accost it. But because of their demonization of this sexual act they literally created Tejun, the death of religions. He realized how simple the cure to his anguish was, take the phrase in those books and see them as a lie. It worked, and of course this opened the door to the biggest ephiany in his life, religious texts and those who serve them above humanity, are bullshit!
Revenge is something Tejun never takes part in. I have been witness to his willingness to forgive many times but I would be lying by ommision if I was to say revenge was never carried out in his name. No he didn't order burly thugs to exact his revenge, it was all done in a much more frightening way. You see, the universe exacted it's revenge on those who chose to transgress against the AntiChrist. I have seen a dance club siezed and closed down after he was removed and taunted for being gay. Another time someone who did not pay him wages, he risked his life to earn, was invovled in a horrible boating accident. The list goes on, not once has a violation ever gone unpunished. A violation meaning, upsetting Tejun, truly upsetting him. This is a very rare occurance, yea he gets upset, but never vengeful. The very few times The AntiChrist has ever been prodded enough that he looks upon a human with hate, that person is punished by, I honestly don't know.
Tejun as well as I were both aware of this and he often tried to think of ways to never become angry. He did not have the training of a Tibetin monk so he has some work to do but he kept at it. See that is the biggest misconception about Tejun, people think he is evil, likes death, dark, gothic or emo. It is laughable because he is no such thing, people in weak attempts to understand him have labeled him as an attention craved brat having a tantrum. It was that and other views like those that allowed him to rise to the point he has. No one had a fucking clue who he was until it was way too late to stop him.......

continued here..

His peace was demonstrated to me many times, over and over, it wasn't an act, and the few times he snapped they were the exception to the rule and usually an intoxicant was involved. One of the last times I saw him he was drunk, huddled over his laptop he called, "The Spirit". He looked up and laughed audibly and said while pecking away with lightening fingers that never slowed despite him talking and being drunk, "Yea I should not be writing right now but hey I thought no one is going to bother me for awhile so I was going to try it." I offered to leave by signaling towards the door, his fingers instantly stopped and he smiled shaking his head, "No stay." He hated to be alone and any company was always welcomed. Worry dominated his facial features, constantly stressed because of the death of his friends and the unending assasination attempts.
I sat down next to him and glanced at the screen, always interested in what new thing he was writing. "How are you doing Tejun?"
"Um I am alive right now." He made motions with his hands, "Really, I feel everything, but, uh I dunno.... a blank, a fear, no a blank, an unknown, keeps me from the blissful every present moment." He started posting a myspace bulletin while speaking to me, "I spend time casting signals through existence, waves of thought and energy, I whisper to the world, Tejun Fowler, Tejun, AntiChrist.... look... listen... please..." His depression was apparent and a tear rolled down his cheek.
Slowly, containing sobs he said with a hopeless flop of his hand, "I represent something that can only be labeled as evil, yet I speak a message that can only be seen as love... a love no one will see... ever. Some authors are doomed to live lives where they are never heard and the dreams they chronicled are never realized." He pressed "post" and another revelation of The AntiChrist was posted to thousands of young people, "They were the lucky ones."
I tried to support him, "I do see this world is nothing what we have been told... ever. This world is but a manifestation of our thoughts. Your fucking thoughts are real Tejun. Just as real as Abraham, Jacob, Mathew or John. Islam's prophet has the same insight into the nature of God and Allah as you, or me, or anyone else out there." I put my hand on his shoulder, "That is what you have been teaching us all."
Tejun countered, "They are trying to kill me for defying the memory and message of these ancients."
I annouced angrily, "I spit in their face. With every word you write, every question you manifest and every ideal you challenge you honor the ancients."
He nodded in agreement, "People don't realize the ancients did the same thing I am doing. That is the only reason they are the fucking ancients. I am simply contributing to the mass of questions and proposed answers that makeup the entire sum of our knowledge. Everything we know, everything we worship and everything we think about was handed to us by someone like me." He touched my shoulder, "And you Gabriel."
He looked at the computer and spoke as he wrote a revelation, "So tremble now, before the words and sentences of one who dictates the will of God. Know that in some distant future people will be stupid enough to kill over what I have written.... I am a super villian, I should be killed and burned this very moment because I continue to write with the knowledge that one day some asshole will be stupid enough to end a life over what I have written." Sighing, "Fools."
I reminded him, "It was our choice to take on these labels. We have always known the cost of attempting to teach the world this lesson."
"Now we are sandwiched in terms that everyone has been bred and drugged to fear. This makes me dead, invisible someone who watches as cynical tyrannical murders lie and cheat humanity into total choas."
A look of dissapointment betrayed Tejun's thoughts, "I don't know if I can get them to look past the AntiChrist label. Only a few have seen what is hiding here." He touched the area over his heart.
Standing and looking out of the slit in the drapes of his hotel room, which was more like a temporary safe house, I verified the two members of The Harem were still out front watching the door. They were a couple of strapping, well-trained, dangerous, young lads, beautiful by anyones standards but deadly. We had them park in a car across the lot as lookouts. The room was one of those tiny little things you would have an affair in with the smoke smell and everything. There was an adjoining door to The Apostle Guy's room, the room on the other side of his was mine. I turned around and asked, "Why do you have the door to Guy's closed?"
Tejun looked to the room and all of his anguish sluffed away and he smiled to himself, "He is sleeping."
Satisfied I nodded, We were in L.A. and it was hot, muggy, brown, the air had substance, almost chewable. Making a disgusted face, "I admit I have hope, the enviorment will get worse. Has anyone realized that when massive storms and ice shelf meltings shut down major metropolitin areas all over the world's coast lines that the CARBON output will instantly be fixed?"
The AntiChrist laughed and nodded, "Yea, do you think New Orleans had the same CARBON output the day after Katrina!?"
I laughed, "So yea the major cities will be destroyed and the planet will be able to fix itself. Everyone needs to settle down."
He said in a whisper wavering a tad from the alchol, "True the evacuation of all the major coastal cities will create a huge starving thirsty refugee population numbering in the hundreds of millions. The resulting wars and unrest will destroy or fuckup the rest of civilizied humanity."
"Millions will die."
He nodded agreeing, "Possibly billions." Tejun looked up to check my face for a reaction, he didn't want to scare me. Quickly he cast The AntiChrist's light onto the doom and gloom of things to come. He looked at the wall, but he looked beyond it, it was as if he was looking into a magic pool of water fortelling the future, "But we will survive in pockets." He looked at me again an smiled almost excited, "We will." He pointed at me, "Gabriel we are stronger than the religions who drove us to this. They will get their end-times but humanity won't die. Religion will." He looked off into that place, "After this travisty, humans will remember that religion leads to destruction."
I smiled and crossed my arms leaning on the brown paneling that covered the entire room, "So speaks the AntiChrist."
Tejun looked at me with out of the corner of his eyes and then dropped his gaze to the laptop and began to type as he whispered, "So speaks the AntiChrist."

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