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To Manson's Fans

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May. 28th, 2007 | 04:37 pm
location: The Coast

To Manson's Fans

Hey Guys and girls, if you are upset about the insane cost of tickets next to the stage, just mob all the wealthy pricks at the concert and haul all their prissy asses to the rear!!
haha, peacefully though...

Also I don't think Mister Manson sees many if any of these comments, we are all just talking amongst ourselves here, which is fine.
I like to see all the Bands and the people who want to be in a band posting adds in here. Do you really love Manson or do you love his fan base, i love both personally. Either way, always be innovative when it comes to promoting your art, but I would concentrate on practicing your music, ehh because the only thing myspace sells is personalities.
Why am I writing this? Because I want to talk to you, Manson's fans. Do you realize what you are? Do you understand the social significance of this thing called "Manson's fan base"? This is not just any fan base kids, it is not like he is some asshole with nothing to say. No this "musician" is of a differant breed than your run of the mill "Spice Girlz" or "Justin Timberlake" artist.
He is like the tangible sound, the voice of an untouched idea, a sensible idea that has been made to look like a demon with eyeshadow. His voice resonates through what will be eternity, he stands in utter defiance of the powers that rule us... he is Freedom, he is America.
Fuck Falwell, any country can breed a religious zealot biggot, but this country in time for the new millenium has given the world Marilyn Manson and killed Falwell to make way for his return. As the ancient way folds over from a heart attack and ceases to speak, we bring forth The Heretic to speak to the WORLD. What a beautiful fucking thing!
Then there is you, the one who backs his voice up, by standing with him, fists in the air, screaming to our overlords, "you donot have control"....
These events, masked as concerts will be remembered for what they are, the birthplace of a global though revolution!

with love brought to you by The Myspace Prophet
Tejun Fowler

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